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Access to Qur’anic Arabic (Textbook, Workbook, Selections) Paperback

Author: Abdul Wahid Hamid
Publisher: Muslim Education & Literacy Services - MELS
Language : English, Arabic
-Size: A4 (30 x 21 x 1cm)
- Access to Quranic Arabic Textbook and 4 Access CDs for Textbook and Selections.
- Access to Qur'anic Arabic (Textbook, Workbook, Selections)
- Access to Qur'anic Arabic - Textbook
- The Textbook covers the basic grammar and structure of Arabic using Qur'anic words, phrases and sentences throughout. It is also based on the principle of word frequency in the Qur'an. It uses three Word Lists - with words occurring over 100 times, between 50 and 100 times and between 25 and 49 times in the Qur'an. This approach has two benefits. Users will not be burdened with a very large vocabulary from the outset, and with non-Qur'anic vocabulary. By mastering the select vocabulary, they will be able to understand much and quickly. The page layout and design of the book should make it easy to follow.
- Access to Qur'anic Arabic - Workbook
- This Workbook has stimulating exercises for each of the 40 Units of the Textbook and gives much-needed practice in grammar, structure and meaning. Again, only vocabulary and actual sentences from the Qur'an are used in the Workbook. At an early stage, students are also introduced to unvowelled Arabic text which can only be read accurately with a good knowlege of Arabic grammar and structure.
- Access to Qur'anic Arabic - Selections
- This book of annotated Selections from the Qur'an has passages that feature the select vocabulary and illusrate points of grammar, structure and style covered in the Textbook with some additional material included.
- The 110 selections are presented with parallel translations, notes and vocabulary in an attractive and easy to use format.A special feature of the Selections book is the combined Vocabulary List of words occurring over 25 times in the Qur’an.

Al’Istigaama Uprightness & Steadfastness (P/B)

Al’Istigaama Uprightness & Steadfastness Paperback Pages: 24 Publisher: Sootaree’s Center, Ammaan, Jordan

An Explanation of The Four Fundamental Principles (P/B)

SKU:9782987466062 Pages:56 Year of Publication:2015 Size cm: 16x22 Binding: soft cover Weight: 100.0000 mg Author: Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab Publisher: Salafi Publications

Bid’ah Innovations And Their Evil Effects (P/B)

Author: Muhammad Ibn Saaleh Al-Uthaymeen Publisher: Salafi Publications Size/Vol.: A5 (14.8×21 cm – 5.83×8.27 in) 1-902727-02-9 Language : English -A5

Description Of The Prophet’s Prayer By Imam Muhammad Nasir Al-Din Al-Albani (PB)

Pages: 176 Publisher: Dar As-Sunnah Binding: Paperback Weight: 320 gram Author: Imam Muhammad Nasir Al-Din Al-Albani

Diseases Of The Hearts And Their Cures By Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (PB)

£5.50 £4.95
Pages: 160 Publisher: Dar As-Sunnah Binding: Paperback Weight: Author: Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah

Essential Arabic: A Learner’s Practical Guide

by Rafi’el-imad Faynan
Publisher: goodwword books
Pages: 182

Explanation of The introduction to Sahih Muslim

SKU: 9782987465355 Pages: 170 Year of Publication: 2016 Size cm: 14x21 Binding: soft cover Weight: 350.0000 mg Author: Imam an Nawawi Publisher: Creed Publishing Company

I Love Arabic Text Student book: Level 7 أحب العربية كتاب التلميذ النشاط (Arabic) Paperback

Goals & Contents: The "I love Arabic" series will help students with verbal and editorial communication in Arabic. To achieve this goal, the series provides the student with educational materials that will help him to utilize formal Arabic from the start and will create the opportunity for him to use what he is learning in real conversations. The series is directed towards non-Arabic speaking children ages 6-18 years. It consists of fourteen levels, each level includes three books which are: 1- Student's Book. 2- Student's Workbook. 3- Teacher's Book. The linguistic content: The series displays the vocal system of the Arabic language in its different phenomena. It presents vocabularies that are common in an Arabic dictionary for children. It also features 4,300 words and it concentrates on pictorial concrete vocabulary in the first two books. The series provides the student with a number of basic linguistic structures (about 500 structures). Each lesson contains a specific number of structures and expressions. The lessons gradually advance and each principle is revisited from one lesson to the next. It also includes the entirety of the Arabic syntax rules in the levels (fifth- twelfth) and combines application with practical training based upon theoretical rule. Integration between the linguistic skills: The series addresses the four main linguistic skills which are: reading, listening, speaking and writing in a balanced integrated way. Special attention is given to speaking and understanding what is heard in the first two books. In the third through sixth books the concentration is on dictation and reading. In the seventh through ninth books the aim is to connect schools with Arabic libraries, children's magazines, encyclopedias and helps to simplify knowledge departments.
  • Paperback: 181 pages
  • Publisher: Arabian Education Office of Gulf Countries (2013)
  • Language: Arabic

LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH (Its Meaning, Its Conditions, Nullifiers And Virtues)

SKU: 9781495118869 Pages: 204 Year of Publication: 2014 Size cm: 16x22 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 325.0000 mg Author: Shaykh Muhammad Raslaan Publisher: Authentic Statments

Preventative Measures Against Shaytan by Mustafa Ibn Al-Adawi (PB)

£3.99 £3.59
Pages: 96 Publisher: Dar As-Sunnah Binding: Paperback Weight: Author: Mustafa Ibn Al-Adawi

Prophetic Ahadith In Condemnation Of Racism (P/B)

SKU:9782987457411 Pages:88 Year of Publication:2012 Size cm: 15x21 Binding: Soft Cover Weight: 125.0000 mg Author: Dr Abd al-Salam Ibn Burjis Publisher: Sunnah Publications