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£9.50 £8.55
This product is a unique game based on the hadith (sayings, traditions) of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). The idea behind the game is to provide children with both a fun and educational tool. All questions are taken directly from the Hadith, and have been creatively worked into the play, which kids will enjoy answering. It can be played at school or at home, with friends and family members. Begin the journey and find out what fun it is to learn from the sayings of the Prophet!

My Quran Stories Gift Box 2 (20 Quran Stories for Little Hearts PB Books)

£17.99 £16.19
Perfect for gift giving! This is a gift box of 20 Quran Stories for Little Hearts story books. Each paperback book is 24 pages of attractive Quranic stories. Ages 4+. This collection contains: The King's Magicians Allah Made Them All A Unique Miracle The Sleepers in the Cave The Old Man's Prayer Uzayr's Donkey The Wise Man and the Prophet Musa The Treasure House Luqman's Advice to his Son The Light of Allah The Morals of Believers The Honoured Guests The Prophet Shuayb and the Earthquake Ramadan and the Quran The Angel's Prayer The Traveller's Prayer The Army of Elephants The Prophet and the Blind Man Love your Parents The Rivers of Mlik and Honey Timeless children's stories from the Qur'an! Author: Saniyasnain Khan Publisher: Goodword Books (2003) Pages: 480 Binding: Paperback